The Moore-Myers Children's Fund began in 2014 and was inspired by two women who gave their lives to make other lives better, especially children. Annie Mildred Moore was a mother, teacher and passionate golfer. Jessie Mae Myers was a mother, entrepreneur and mentor to many. It is because of these two women that their children, Dr. Justine Redding (daughter of Annie M. Moore) and Richard Blackston (son of Jessie M. Myers) want to help lift children up through golf and mentoring.


The vision of the Moore-Myers Children’s Fund is that children will flourish in an environment that allows them to be healthy, safe and successful.


The mission of MMCF is to provide support and financial assistance for underserved children in Jacksonville, Florida to participate in golf programs that will undergird their total wellness. It supports programs that will teach the skills of golf and at the same time help children develop confidence, honesty, integrity, respect, judgment, courtesy and perseverance, which are all core values encompassing the game and life. The fund also supports higher education scholarships for children and junior mentors who participate in their golf programs. In the end we hope to help children develop a road map to success, stay physically and mentally active and have opportunities they would not otherwise have.


The children who are supported by MMCF are called “Eagles.” Because we believe the eagle represents infinite possibilities for our children and is a term related to golf, we thought it fitting to use this nomenclature. To date there are 46 “Eagles” in the program ranging from 5 years old to 16 years old. Their median income level is $20,000.
37 have completed the First Tee Golf & Life Skills program and all are expected to participate in the winter, summer and fall programs.

Once the children started in February 2015 the parents of the “Eagles” became interested, passionate even, about the possibilities of MMCF and the impact on their children. Thus, “Eagles Village” was formed at the request of the parents. The purpose of the organization is to support the mission of the MMCF and to create a larger support system for themselves and their children.


Mentors in MMCF are golfers and/or coaches that assist “Eagles” with their golf skills and serve as role models and mentors. They teach the skills of golf and help develop and reinforce the core values of the game: confidence, honesty, respect, integrity, judgement, courtesy and perseverance.


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